Human-Nature Counselling Society is happy to offer a range of nature-based therapy programs, designed for the specific needs of individuals, youth and families looking for support.

Nature-Based Therapy is relational and systemic, drawing on the importance of a healthy family system and an inherent relationship to our ecological world. It draws on attachment research which highlights the crucial need to have secure connections with others, in order to have the confidence to grow and explore one’s potential in the world.

Our programs encourage playful encounters with nature and each other, and create a safe container within which to explore one’s edges and develop new tools for self-awareness, friendships, self-esteem and belonging. We believe that group programming is an essential ingredient to combat mental health stigma, social isolation, and despair – together we can lift one another up!!

Our group offerings shift depending on community need and available funding, so please check back often for the latest opportunity to get involved! And if your community group is interested in finding out how nature-based therapy could meet your member’s needs, then give us a shout. We have been partnering with local school districts, municipalities and First Nations over the past 10 years to deliver quality, effective and accessible therapeutic programming.

Lynx Trax Program

Nature-based therapy group for female identified youth (ages 12-15) to develop their self esteem, and mental/emotional wellness.

Large Canoe

Family Roots – Adventure Therapy Group

Delivered and generously funded through Power To Be, the Family Roots program uses outdoor recreation and the power of nature to increase the well-being and resiliency of local youth and their families.

Sea Kayaks on a calm shoreline.

Waves of Change

An 8-month group therapy program to support young women who identify anxiety as being a barrier to living their lives to the fullest.

A child running and jumping off a rock.

Coyote Tracks Program

Nature-based therapy group for male identified youth (ages 10-14) to develop their self confidence, emotion-regulation and social/emotional skills.