Our team members are compassionate and dynamic humans who offer support and guidance through the change process with nature as their co-facilitator. We aim to match you with a clinical counsellor or child and youth worker who fits your individual or family needs.

Leadership Team

David Segal photo

David Segal (he/him)

Executive Director – MA, RCC
Katy Rose

Katy Rose (she/her)

Clinical Director – MA, RCC

Clinical Counsellors

Sarah Duncan

Sarah Duncan (she/her)

MA, RCC – Cowichan & Victoria
Sarah Frizelle

Sarah Frizelle (she/her)

MA, RCC – Greater Victoria
Jordie Allen-Newman

Jordie Allen-Newman (he/him)

MA, RCC – Sooke & Westshore
Bonnie Dyck

Bonnie Dyck (she/her)

MSW, RCC – Squamish-North Vancouver & Telehealth
Nevin Harper

Nevin Harper (he/him)

PhD, RCC – Mill Bay & Cowichan
Katy Winship

Katy Winship (she/her)

MA, RCC – Greater Victoria
Jeff Terrell

Jeff Terrell (he/him)

MA, RCC – Greater Victoria
Sasha Routley

Sasha Routley (she/her)

MA, RCC – Greater Victoria
Tensley Koontz

Tensley Koontz (he/him)

MEd, RCC – Greater Victoria

Dillon Lewchuk (he/him)

MA, RCC – Greater Victoria

Child and Youth Support Workers

Robin Fagnan

Robin Fagnan (he/him)

Greater Victoria
Natasha Villeneuve

Natasha Villeneuve (she/her)

MA Candidate – Greater Victoria
Heather Quaite

Heather Quaite (she/her)

Program Facilitator – Greater Victoria
Elise Gilchrist

Elise Gilchrist (she/her)

MA Candidate – Greater Victoria

Daniella Roze des Ordons (she/her)

PhD Candidate – Cowichan & Greater Victoria
Kostas Zolotas

Kostas Zolotas (he/him)

MA Candidate – Greater Victoria

Practicum Students

Our dedicated and passionate practicum students are in the process of completing their Masters degrees in either Counselling Psychology or Child and Youth Care. Their client work is closely supervised and supported by our directors, Dave and Katy, in addition to the ongoing learning and support from their educational institutions. Because of this learning process, we are able to offer sessions with students at a reduced rate of $30–60/hr.

Jessica Pfeffer

Jessica Pfeffer (she/her)

MA Candidate (Yorkville University, Counselling Psychology)
Sarah Delroy

Sarah Delroy (she/her)

MA Candidate (Yorkville University, Counselling Psychology)

Trudi Smith (she/her)

MA Candidate (City University, Counselling Psychology)

Sarah Johnston (she/her)

MA Candidate (City University, Counselling Psychology)

Administrative Staff

Melissa Taylor (she/her)

Office Manager

Board of Directors

Alkarim Versi (he/him)

Alla Guelber

Alla Guelber (she/her)

Bree Rudner

Bree Rudner (she/her)