Our team of dedicated helping professionals are committed to providing you with a healing environment inclusive of all identities, race, culture, gender, sexual orientation or religious affiliation. All of our team members are highly skilled, with training in the foundations for facilitating change, and are leaders in the growing field of Nature-Based Therapy in Canada. We work extensively with people who have exhausted the more traditional, office-based clinical services available to them, and/or who are looking for an approach that speaks to their passions and interests, and who share a love for the natural world around us!

We help individuals and families (ages 6 and up) with:

  • stress, anxiety and depression
  • trauma and post traumatic stress
  • family conflict, communication, and parenting support
  •  ADHD 
  • Relationship distress 
  • grief and loss
  • Emotion regulation
  • Challenges with social skills and school behaviors/avoidance
  • life transitions and personal growth
  • existential concerns (death, loneliness, purpose, freedom)
  • LGBTQ2S+ issues
  • reconnecting with the natural world to support physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health

We do not specialize in the treatment of eating disorders or active substance use addictions.