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Our team is dedicated to providing you with accessible (affordable) and effective mental health counselling services. With a growing and talented team of clinicians, we will do our best to get you connected with the support you need.

Nature-based Programs

We are passionate about creating accessible, and meaningful group counselling opportunities that bring people together in community and reduce the stigma of mental health – click below to find out our latest offerings!

Professional Development

As leaders and authors in the field of Nature-Based Therapy, we are dedicated to inspiring other helping professionals to step beyond the office walls (or computer screen) and into the outdoors with their clients. Check out our Certification Programs and upcoming courses!

Human-Nature Counselling Society (HNCS) is a registered Canadian Charity based in Victoria, BC that provides both individual and group nature-based therapy and programs for children, youth, adults and families living within our service area. HNCS is a grassroots organization grounded by the synergy between Nature, Connection and Healing.

More About HNCS

Our counselling services and programs provide an engaging alternative to traditional office-based talk therapy – turning instead to the Natural World as both our ‘office’, and our co-therapist. Rather than viewing an individual’s problems in isolation, we aim to strengthen our clients’ sense of belonging and relationship with the web of life as an integral part of the process of healing and growth. We view change through a systemic lens, acknowledging the importance of family, community and environment on a person’s sense of well-being. We view each individual as holding inherent value, strengths, wisdom and wholeness – and work creatively to shine a light on the passions and vitality within each person’s story.

We are driven to ensure our services are as accessible and barrier-free as possible by providing sliding-scale fees, and meeting with clients in nearby nature locations across a wide geographic region to accommodate the needs of families/individuals.

Our Service Area includes:

Victoria and the Capital Regional District

Duncan and the Cowichan Valley

Squamish and the Sea-to-Sky Corridor

Cortes and Campbell River

Our Commitment to Decolonization:

HNCS supports Indigenous-led solutions to healing and acknowledges that an essential part of meaningful reconciliation is to allow Indigenous communities to define and deliver approaches that work for them. Human-Nature (HNCS) has built strong partnerships as settler-allies and are working hard to develop our skills to deliver culturally sensitive programs collaboratively. We recognize that a nature-based approach to healing and mental wellness utilizes an ecological perspective which aligns with many Indigenous worldviews and practices.