Professional Consultation (Individual)

We provide clinical consultations for professional counsellors who are expanding their practices to include the more-than-human natural world. Whether you have already been working from an eco-therapeutic perspective, or would like to begin incorporating it more, we offer support regarding best practices, ethics, specific interventions, and therapeutic framework for working in the outdoors (with a specialty in working with children and families). 

Do you have an interest in the field of nature-based therapy, ecotherapy or adventure therapy but don’t know where to begin? Are you curious about the possibilities for education in this field, or how to start providing nature-based therapy services in your community? We get many requests to discuss our work with people from across the country, and although we LOVE to hear from people who are passionate and excited to explore this field, we also find it challenging to respond to all requests amongst our busy work days. If you have more than just a quick question then we are happy to book a consultation with you to explore your queries.

  • Rates for consultation are $145/hour, with sliding scale available as needed. 

Group Consultation

The NBT consultation group is designed to help you grow your practice of Nature-Based Therapy.  The content of the group is derived from the learning goals of the group members.  In the group, we will more fully engage with the theory covered in the Introduction to Nature-Based Therapy course and it’s practical application in your work with clients.  The facilitator brings in additional resources to support the learning of group members.  There is space for gaining ideas around working with particular clients or groups, discussing barriers to integration of NBT, exploring ethical and practical issues, and learning new NBT activities/invitations.  

The consultation group runs on a 6 session bi-weekly format of 1.5 hr sessions and is an integral component of the certification levels.

The cost is $300 for the 6 sessions, working out to $50/session.  

Practicum Placements

Yes, we do offer non-paid practicum opportunities throughout the year for students registered in a Master’s level post-secondary program in Counselling Psychology, Child and Youth Care, or Social Work. We do not provide practicums for BA students. 


  • Spring 2024 placements: not available

Our practicum placements provide a rich learning opportunity for students to work with a diverse array of clientele (from children to adults and families), across a wide range of issues, and in one of the most beautiful settings on the planet – the Coast Salish territory of BC. If you are interested in learning from our team, then please keep in mind:

  • We have been experiencing a high demand for placements, so contact us as early as possible to find out if we have space and to begin the application process. 
  • Our students are expected to provide most of their counselling in-person and in a variety of outdoor settings.
  • We look for students who are PASSIONATE about connection with the natural world, have prior experience working with people in outdoor settings, and are dedicated to serving children, youth and families as part of their counselling path. 
  • It is a requirement that prospective practicum students take our “Introduction to Nature-based Therapy” course, either prior to starting practicum (preferred), or within the first 3-months of practicum. This ensures a basic understanding and training of what Nature-based therapy is in practice, and that your interests/values are aligned.
  • ** next course being offered is in Nov 2024.

To learn more, please contact our clinical director, Katy Rose at [email protected] with your cover letter, CV, and start/end dates for your practicum course.