Human-Nature Counselling Society


Family Roots – Adventure Therapy Group

Delivered and generously funded through Power To Be, the Family Roots program uses outdoor recreation and the power of nature to increase the well-being and resiliency of local youth and their families.
2 Tuesdays per month: 2:30-4pm. Starts May 12th. (applications accepted on rolling basis, 8 families max)
From the comfort of your home & Nearby-nature settings throughout the Greater Victoria Region when regulations allow
$25 per family member. This program is subsidized through the ongoing and generous support of Power To Be

We are excited to announce that the 12th year of the Family Roots program will be offered in partnership with Power To Be Adventure Therapy Society in the aim of supporting families.

** Important update!  In response to Covid-19, we are shifting this program to a temporary online format.  We STILL want to support single-parent families any way we can – as the burden of responsibility on you is particularly high right now – teacher, parent, provider, cook, cleaner, discipliner, sport/gym teacher, device police….the list goes on. How can anyone perform all of these roles at once?   So we are starting this program with an online “Parents Together” support group, twice per month on Tuesdays, starting May 12th.  In the hopes that by late summer or fall, we can bring the all the families together in person to play and adventure in nature. 

“Parents Together” Sessions:  2 Tuesdays per month (starting May 12th), 2:30-4pm

** Apply Now!  Email:  Sylvia Storry

Who can attend the program?

Families living in the Greater Victoria region who:

  • Have children ages of 8 to 14
  • Are not currently involved in family counselling

Families who are looking for support in coping with:

  • Parent-child conflict and power struggles
  • Feelings of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem
  • Difficulties functioning in school, social skills
  • Grief and loss, past trauma
  • Families in transition (e.g., separation/divorce, loss of family member, etc)

“The Family Roots program gave our family the opportunity to connect in a meaningful way and face many of our challenges. It was such a gift to be supported by such an open and giving group of people. I can not recommend this program enough. ”  mother, FR participant, 2014

What activities will we do?

A group of six to seven families will meet once per month to share in play and adventure over the course of 6 months. The adventure weekends will include activities such as:

  • kayaking and voyager canoeing
  • Hiking
  • overnight camping
  • Games and team initiatives
  • Low ropes
  • nature connection

Each month will also include a “Parents Together” support session held at Commonwealth Recreation Centre. This parent-only meeting will be facilitated by a Registered Clinical Counselor, and supervision for the kids will be provided by Power To Be staff and volunteers.  These meetings will provide an opportunity to build a community of support, provide information on various mental health and wellness topics, allow a safe space for discussing the adventure of parenting, and expand resources. 

What will our family learn?

  • Bonding and community building
  • Communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Trust and leadership
  • Emotional literacy
  • Self-regulation skills
  • Tapping into our personal resources and strengths

“It really is hard to wrap up how much fun, how much bonding, talking, thinking, introspection, discussion and quiet times affected us so profoundly. So much so that it continues to be present in our every day lives months after the program is finished. We are a better family because of the program. The program is as good as it is because of the people, that really made the difference. Supportive, kind, non judgemental, helpful, incite full, intelligent brave souls who gave so much of themselves and their time to all of us. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough.”  Father, FR participant

Adventure Program Dates (2020) TBA once Covid restrictions change.

How do we apply?

For any questions about the program please contact Katy at or 250-885-0275.