Human-Nature Counselling and Consulting



Human-Nature counsellors are skilled in working cross-culturally and from a social justice framework. We are committed to providing you with a healing environment regardless of race, culture, gender, sexual orientation or religious affiliation.

We help people of all ages with:

  • stress, anxiety and depression
  • self esteem and self-awareness
  • grief and loss
  • trauma, and post traumatic stress
  • sexual, physical and emotional abuse
  • mental health crisis
  • family of origin issues
  • family conflict, communication, and parenting support
  • life transitions
  • sexual identity and orientation
  • reconnecting with the natural world to support physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health

Children, youth and family services

We specialize in supporting children, youth and families through our experiential and engaging nature-based therapy practice.  We work extensively with kids and families who have exhausted the more traditional, office-based clinical services available to them, and are looking for an approach that speaks to the youth’s passions and interests to get them engaged in the therapeutic process.   We also prioritize the family system when treating children and youth, often including the parents in counselling sessions, especially for children ages 6-12.  Expect to run, play, hide, get dirty, feel challenged, and discover new ways of connecting with your child, your self, and the ecosystem.