Human-Nature Counselling and Consulting


David Segal MA, RCC:  Co-founder 

David Segal has been providing therapeutic nature-based counselling for children, youth, adults and families for over 15 years. He is deeply passionate about the natural world and how strengthening human-nature relationships can radically enrich our collective and individual well-being.  He has spent the last decade learning from a vast array of teachers (including the non-human natural ones) the tools and skills for guiding people to truly know their own inherent wholeness and how to work with the struggles of their life in order to both harness and harvest the gifts and learning available. He completed a Masters degree in Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria and is registered with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors.  When not counselling, he loves playing sports, exploring forests, training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and spending time with his family.

 Eidel, Nova Scotia Duck Toller, Co-facilitator 

Eidel is the newest member to the Human-Nature team and brings with her an insatiable joy for life and contagious love for the present moment, sticks, and running in the forest. Eidel loves to join Dave on his adventures with clients.

Katy Rose MA, RCC: Co-founder

For over 10 years Katy has been discovering the joys of experiential and nature-based approaches to working with children, youth and families for the promotion of healing and growth. Katy holds a deep trust in the healing power of connection with the non-human natural world, and believes that each individual is born with an innate drive and capacity towards wholeness and health. Katy completed a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Counselling Psychology, with a specialization in Wilderness Therapy, from Naropa University in Colorado. 

 Since landing in Victoria 10 years ago Katy has been busy developing innovative and accessible programming for families and youth including the Caring for Communities program in Sooke, the Family Roots adventure therapy program (now going on its 10th year), and a variety of nature-based therapy groups aimed at addressing the pervasive struggles of anxiety and stress. Katy loves to share her passion for the exciting fields of adventure therapy and ecotherapy with others, and provides trainings on these topics in the hopes of encouraging other counsellors and youth workers to step beyond the office walls. Katy is particularly interested in exploring how adventure, experiential learning, and deep nature connection can be a powerful tool for family healing.      Katy has been mostly recently training in the fine art of child rearing, and is constantly amazed by the lessons, challenges and gifts she receives on a daily basis from her precious little ones.  Katy is a Registered Clinical Counselor with the BC Association of Clinical Counselors.

Human-Nature Associate Counsellors

We are fortunate to be supported by these amazingly talented and compassionate humans who are passionate about supporting people through the change process with nature as their co-facilitor.  With our growing team, we hope to always be able to match you with a counsellor who fits your individual or family needs.


Autumn Garnett MA, RCC

Autumn is a registered clinical counsellor who offers counselling to children, youth, families, and couples. Autumn holds a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of Victoria. She is passionate about yoga and nature, allowing her to remain rooted in a mindful and systemic lens while working with her clients. Autumn has experience supporting clients within several systems in the Victoria community including Ledger House, USTAT, Discovery Youth & Family Services, school district 61, and several community agencies. From this work, she has come to learn that individuals often already have many of the resources they need to make the changes they seek. With a strong belief in the innate power that connecting with the natural world can have on our well-being, Autumn guides others to explore their emotional, spiritual, social, and physical selves in natural settings, while encouraging them to gain awareness of their unique inner resources. Autumn is especially interested in supporting her clients in topics of anxiety, depression, grief & loss, trauma, life transitions, family conflict, and relationship issues. Autumn has a particular interest in group psychotherapy and has contributed to research in this area. She has facilitated multiple group programs for children, youth, and families.

sean spatious 

Sean Frey, RPC

 Sean is a Qualifying Registered Psychotherapist, a certified counselor and a gestalt therapist, trained at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto. He holds a BFA in Theatre and Development from Concordia University, and works as a visual and performing artist and as a community arts facilitator. In both his therapy and arts practices, Sean uses curiosity, creativity and humour as vehicles to deepen the exploration of the here and now.  

 Sean’s own healing journey has included several paths – an exploration of shamanism and bodywork, which eventually led him to Gestalt and Nature-based Therapy. He believes that both approaches are effective in developing stronger connections to the self, others, life and the mystery that lives between.

 Sean has taught at the Expressive Arts School and the Gestalt Institute of Toronto. He has ran ongoing process groups with Sea Change Therapy Collective and is very excited to be a part of nature-based therapy groups with Human Nature Counselling.


Sarah Frizelle MA, RCC

Sarah is a registered clinical counsellor who offers holistic counselling to individuals, couples & families. She supports change and growth through therapeutic processes that attend to mind, body, emotions and spirit. She specializes in anxiety, depression, grief and loss, trauma, life transitions, family conflict and relationship issues.

In addition to office based sessions, Sarah offers nature-based counselling which blends her experience as a therapist with her 20 year experience as a wilderness guide and her practice of meditation and training in mindfulness-based stress reduction with her work as an educator. Nature-based counselling helps cultivate awareness as individuals get their bearings in relationship to themselves, their sense of place in the world and their relationship with others. This approach supports experiences with nature and personal explorations of self that can lead to insight, growth and healing.  As a counsellor, Sarah guides with sensitivity and compassion, with the knowledge that a good therapeutic relationship can be like a compass in hand when feeling lost or disoriented – and can be one that supports a process of exploration and discovery. Sarah holds masters degrees in education and psychology and is in private practice in Victoria, BC.


Scott Kouri MA, RCC, Phd (candidate)

My name is Scott Kouri and I am a third generation Lebanese-English Canadian living on the unceded territories of the Lekwungen and SENĆOŦEN speaking peoples. For me, the connection between a person’s inner world, culture, and environment are important. Throughout my life, I have found that these connections have helped guide my counselling work and my own personal growth. I have been working as a counsellor for 10 years and have a private practice in Victoria called Scott Kouri Counselling and Psychotherapy. To learn more about my approach and practice you can visit I am also a PhD student in Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria and teach at both UVic and Camosun.

My relationship to outdoor-based therapy began on a two week canoe trip I helped facilitate with Outward Bound. Fifteen young men, a couple of guides and myself traveled the length of the Southern Gulf Islands and the experience changed how I saw therapy. I realized that therapy outdoors opened a multitude of new avenues for thought and behaviour in the people I was working with. Since then I have been developing my outdoor skill set and immersing myself in my own wilderness-based growth.  I believe that every person will have their own path to well being and see my role as working with people on their own goals. In most cases, growth, happiness, and a sense of freedom come with a more full engagement in our own lives and relationships. I believe that through counselling we can learn how our challenges can be turned into unique strengths.


Nevin Harper Phd, Child and Youth Support Worker & Research Coordinator – serving Duncan/Cowichan area

Nevin is the National Research Coordinator for Outward Bound Canada and Chairs the organization’s Research Advisory Committee. He has worked as a wilderness guide, youth and family support worker and outdoor skills instructor with a wide range of populations both in Canada and abroad for more than 20 years. As an Associate Professor in the School of Child and Youth Care in Victoria, Nevin teaches ethics, group facilitation and process skills, including the use of outdoor and experiential methods. He supervises child & youth care student practicums and conducts research and presents internationally on nature and activity-based approaches to therapy and human development.

Robin Fagnan, Child and Youth Support Worker

Robin brings a depth of experience based in three decades of work in areas such as youth justice, experiential education, adventure-based learning, professional outdoor guiding, counselling, extensive work with people of many abilities and a deep LOVE of the natural world.
Robin has come to see that connection is the basic recipe for supporting people in re-framing life’s challenges into opportunities for growth. Connection on the micro scale between people and on the macro scale with the natural world and her capacity for connecting to something bigger than ourselves.
Robin has a practical approach centered on both the efficacy of nature connection and developing present moment awareness to develop practical tools. On the foundation of developing therapeutic rapport he focuses on the simplest ways of developing and maintaining momentum for individuals to move forward. (And, FUN is an integral part of the process too!!)


Jeff Miller, Child and Youth Support Worker (MA candidate)

Jeff was born in Winnipeg and has been exploring Vancouver Island since ’87.  Jeff spent eight years building and designing homes in different local communities before returning to Victoria to complete his Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and is currently finishing a Masters in Counselling with City University of Seattle. He has worked in many roles helping youth and adults with addictions and homelessness, as well as social and developmental challenges. Jeff has a hands-on and experiential approach to fostering positive change and healthy relationships with his clients; he engages them through the shared experiences of creating art, learning outdoor skills, building projects, and practicing essential life skills. 

With his time spent adventuring, designing and building homes while living in the woods, and learning about how people perceive and interact with their environment, Jeff is passionate about sharing the value he holds of feeling capable and in place in nature. He has experienced that this learning in outdoor environment extends to capability in many realms. Jeff emphasizes strength-based approaches in counselling, while recognizing that behaviour and emotion are responses to our interaction with environmental, social, and family systems.


Sarah Duncan MA, RCC – serving Duncan/Cowichan area

Sarah is a creative, calm and respectful counsellor who feels privileged to have lived and worked on the traditional lands of the Quw’utsun people for over 15 years. She has worked in a variety of non-profit counselling organizations, Vancouver Island Health Authority, Cowichan Valley School District, Cowichan Tribes, and Child and Youth Mental Health. Sarah has an undergraduate degree from Vancouver Island University in Child and Youth Care and a Master’s degree in Counselling from City University.

As an avid outdoorswoman and someone who has integrated nature with her own healing path, Sarah understands how a healing journey that incorporates nature is an unquestionable match.  Understanding that we, as humans, are not separate from nature but one with nature. Sarah values the infinite healing that can be done while engaged in a natural setting, be it out on a mountainside, in a local park, by the water or sitting in a favorite spot under a tree.

 Sarah offers individual, children, teens, and family counselling using safe, creative, and non-judgmental approaches. Sarah understands that we are complex beings linked to family, society, and community which all contribute to the creation of a system in which we learn how to navigate and make sense of our lives in the world.