Human-Nature Counselling and Consulting


Learn to Lead – Rock Climbing, Leadership & Transformation

An 8-day intensive on Transformative Living Through Lead Rock Climbing
Spring 2018
Quadra Island, BC
Tuition is $2,000. Bursaries are available up to 100%!

Learn to Lead is designed for young self-identifying men (19–25) who are wanting to gain skills, awareness, and connections through rock climbing that will equip them to face and transform the personal, social, and planetary challenges defining this time in their lives.

The program supports young men to develop the skills necessary to overcome the inevitable challenges they will face during their transition to young adulthood (at this particular uncertain juncture of their lives) by drawing on the rich experience of lead rock climbing, transformative contemplative practices, and intentional community living in the outdoors.


  • Adventure Therapist David Segal
  • ACMG Mountain Guide Ken Wylie
  • Fundraising & Logistics Coordinator Marko Curuvija


At the end of the program participants will:

  • Be confident in making personal choices about top rope and lead climbing outdoors without the support of a guide;

  • Awareness of their climbing ability  and selecting appropriate challenges;

  • Build an awareness of the transformative nature of the deeper elements of climbing;

  • Understand the inevitability and opportunity of life challenges and how they can be approached, surpassed and transformative;

  • Be able to articulate a clear and positive vision for their future based on deep aspirational values and passions;

  • Build a practice of positive self-relation;

  • Embody an  awareness of their unique gifts and areas for personal growth (i.e. shadow work).

  • Understand their deep-seated capacity to be an agent of positive change both individually and collectively;

  • Have an enhanced awareness of their embeddedness in the more than human natural world


For more information visit Mountains for Growth and to register contact David Segal at 250-588-7214.