Human-Nature Counselling and Consulting


Counselling as if the Earth Mattered: An introduction to Ecotherapy

Join Dave Segal and Dr Hilary Leighton for an inspiring introduction to the fields of ecopsychology and ecotherapy, in an experiential and creative 2-day workshop at Royal Roads University.
March 30th and 31st, 2019, 9:30am – 4:30pm
Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC

A workshop presented by Royal Roads University.

Explore the theory and practice of nature-based therapies as we specifically address strategies, ethics and other considerations in applying ecotherapies for social service providers and allied professionals. This course begins with a short historical sketch of the field of applied ecopsychology (inspired by Macy, Hillman, Jung, Muir, Thoreau, Naess, etc.) plus an examination of existing ecotherapies, followed by a series of experiential activities brings nature into the therapeutic process as a co-facilitator. Low risk, nature-based approaches as ideal expressions of applied ecopsychology will be offered.

Learning Topics

  • Experience nature as co-facilitator in therapy
  • Appreciation for the pioneers
  • Review of wide range of reference materials and leading research
  • Limitations of current iterations of applied ecotherapy
  • Key ethical considerations in moving “therapy” outside of the office
  • Explore and take away many experiential, creative low risk nature-based approaches


To register, please visit Royal Roads Continuing Studies.